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When I Turned

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Krux said...
  • frustrated
I had 01J's respect for a long time but he was losing what he had as a leader. He wasn't so active anymore, which caused his members to take over their kru, which caused a imbalance in power.

J thought he had so much power yet, at this point, his own ppl wudn't listen to him. So his solution: make more krus.
im not sure wat his logic was behind that but maybe he thought that the more krus he had under his name, the more powerful he might be. all this did was cause more problems.

the whole game was a mess of krus. Until a new team came in directly from the top of VFK and DKs. The formally requested that their kru IS a new kru and no alliance or association with any kru they came from will take place until those matters arrive in the future if politically they can not agree with the krus they derived from.

01J once again agreed. Not learning from last time.
At this point, I couldn't respect J anymore. I turned my back on him, not DKs...but him. I respected DKs for being what it once was.

This new kru was called NMK (No Mercy Kru).
Their leaders consisted of Exile (a.k.a. Viper), Dice, and Inferno. There were some others in high-power but wher Exile was supposed to be the MAIN leader, Dice and Inferno called all the shots.
Even I joined out of rebellion to J. And I became a leader in that kru as well. But in NMK, leadership titles meant nothing.
Dice and Inferno had their own plans and they were plotting war to eliminate DKs for good.
I didn't want that, but it wasn't that that made me mad, it was the idea that Exile didn't even know wat was going on.

I met up with Exile and tried telling him the truth but wen he heard was i was saying, he didn't want to believe it and he shrugged it off, pretending the issue wasn't there.
And when I pushed it more, he called me a liar.

This frustrated me further than I already was. I had to turn my back on all of them, I knew that deep down. But I wasn't deciding to leave any time soon. I felt like I could put an end to something here.

Than Dice came to me, he knew what i was trying and he couldn't take the chance that Exile might soon realize im telling the truth.
Dice pretty much brainwashed me for the most part. He said I didn't need NMK, and most importantly...I didn't need J. I fought for J to try to keep NMK under his name when J didn't really want that. I fought for what I believed in that one time.
Dice told me I could b a leader myself, and that NMK and J were like chains holding me down from what I could be.

So I left all of them just as Dice wanted.
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