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The Move to Change all Moves

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Krux said...
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One of our DKs recruits, Fish, wanted to do something a little different. He was tired and bored of the same DKs always in rule and wanted some more excitement and something else to come into the conversation. So Fish asked J if he cud make his own kru and remain allies with DKs.

J agreed and Fish brought a friend from DKs to help him, Viper. Viper and Fish formed a kru called VFK. Simple..the Viper Fish Kru. This kru had to be the worst kru of all time. Here we have 2 leaders who know nothing about leadership, members who can't get anything right, and all the old DKs members were switching into it which was a bad thing all in its own.

VFK had solo racers who totally sucked join there kru without invitation. They just put a VFK tag in there name n started racing and losing. DKs was nearly emptied of its members and by now the whole game has gone to hell.
Need for Speed: Most Wanted -- 5-1-0

Need for Speed: Most Wanted -- 5-1-0 (PSP)

Genre/Style: Racing/Sports Car Racing
Release Date: 17/NOV/05
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