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Releasing The NOS

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Krux said...
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I was on my own now, I left NMK and 01J. To me, they were ignorant. So I did just as Dice said, and he must have thought I was none of what he said I was otherwise he wouldn't have done this to himself. I started my own kru for the 1st time.

(Torque Kru)

I immediately had tactics and ideas as to what i cud do from things like taking down the krus i was once a part of down to the simple things like recruiting. I seemed to have everything planned out.

So I started off my 1st idea, I went over to some NMK members..some new guys. I told them that NMK was switching over to the TK kru. I said it's a normal shift, this stuff happens in alot of krus. Everyone will be over here with passing time.
They fell for it and so i stole my enemies 1st few members. NMK started picking up on this over time as they noticed familiar names with new tags.

Inferno knew wat was coming and reported back to Dice. Than they shifted over to me as a target instead of DKs. I told my nxt enemy, J, that me and him r still good and that i cud use some help with NMK. My plan was once NMK is gone, i can focus on DKs. I'd have all my NMK guys over on TK and i'll wipe out DKs in no time.

Too bad it didn't work like that.
I recruiting a guy from NMK, Red, to be my right hand man. Red was a good guy it seemed, so i trusted him and he knew EVERYTHING i planned. Alot of stuff i kept from my members, i made sure that he knew no matter wat it was.
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