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Pieces of Truth: Part II

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Krux said...
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The war with FP and the entire 510 game had started and ended in the same month. That was record time to have taken over a game, FP was in fact the greatest team to ever run in 510.

Now there was only one kru remaining. FP, ourselves.
Now I had to break it to them, that our plan was to eliminate all krus. They understood that. I asked them what they are in now. They thought about it.
I told them what must be done and they flipped. They insisted that I lost my mind.

I knew as the leader the team could not hold on without me so all I had to do was disappear.
I did, and it worked. FP was no more.
The Freedom Plan was a success and The Fixed Potential Kru was no more.

At this point Ez came to me and told me more of the truth.
It was him who planned out the alliance against me, he got that whole list of krus to attack TK instead of help me.
His story of, it was one of his members who got all those krus against me was a fake out to keep me trusting him.

He said he wanted to help me at first but, he expected I was spying on him. Red had infiltrated Ez's kru without my order, possible the order of his real kru, NMK.
Ez assumed it was my command and saw me as a potential enemy. That's when he changed his plans and made that bogus story.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted -- 5-1-0

Need for Speed: Most Wanted -- 5-1-0 (PSP)

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