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Pieces of Truth: Part I

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Krux said...
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Red must have been kept in the dark on what seemed to be common sense to everyone else. He thought TK and J's Krus were allies since I was J's right-hand-man back in the day.

Red opened up the truth to me, that he was a spy for NMK.
I told Red everything we did and was going to do, all of TK's top info went to Red. He was in the perfect position any spy could ever be in. He put everything out there for the enemies to work with.
And for me to have used him as a spy working for TK, he went into those enemy krus with no problem...he was ALREADY a member. He just made up bullshit stories of what they were doing to keep me trusting him.

He listed to me all of his team that he was sent in with.
My members, 80% - 90% of my team was infested with enemy spies all working for Red. My team must have been me and 3 or 4 guys. Everyone else...was an enemy.

Red had destroyed my kru from the inside out. I knew I couldn't just keep track of all these spies. I had to disband TK and start over. I took my real members with me, I formed FP (Fixed Potential) and we worked around conspiracies to keep the spies busy. FP also stood for Freedom Plan, the plan that was to script out everything that happens from that point forward. It involved destroying all the krus in the game and pushing every racer into a solo racer.

But the last part of the plan I kept to myself, because I knew no one would follow through with FP if they knew this would happen: The last part of FP would involved us taking down out own Kru. To Destroy the FP kru to fully create a freedom of solo racers and no more krus ever again.

The FP kru consisted of:
Fish, the ultimate spy.
Fury, the ultimate destroyer.
Revenge, the hero.
and myself, the tactics and organization commander.

Fish was not any spy, he knew close to 90% of the spies in the game. This time, he worked for me because these guys all had 1 belief. No more krus, and we were going to fight for what we believed in, not for power..not this time.
Fish could pull in an overhaul of information that had all the details a man could dream of. FP knew what krus would be formed, when, what they would do, their leaders, members, each racer's history, everything you could think of.

Fury, this guy was a half-spy. He worked underground with racers that had no identity. So many accounts that they couldn't be spotted more that once, ever. Fury ran an entire kru of these guys and would tear any kru apart like it was no problem at all. His record had to be 2 days, 2 days to take down a single kru.

Revenge (a.k.a. Devil-Z)
Revenge and I ran the greatest plan of destruction ever introduced to mankind. At the time we didn't know what we were dealing with. When our plan went into action, it was labeled as a mission. Mission-H.
The mission was to do exactly as what FP was designed for, this was the very mission behind the destruction of all krus.
Mission-H had changed names after we noticed some strange side-effects to what we started. It was known as The Virus, and also as The Omen.

Now we know what we did was use a synchronicity.
Probably for the 1st time, we made our own artificial synchronicity and weaponized it.
Need for Speed: Most Wanted -- 5-1-0

Need for Speed: Most Wanted -- 5-1-0 (PSP)

Genre/Style: Racing/Sports Car Racing
Release Date: 17/NOV/05
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